Marketing & Communications Strategy

You can't create effective marketing materials without first creating a strategy.  I dig into your brand's DNA, help you identify your unique value proposition and competitive advantage, then figure out how best to communicate that to your clients, partners, media, influencers and more.

Copywriting & Content Creation

I bring your brand to life in writing.  Whether you need content for your website, email campaign, marketing collateral, social media or anything else, I’ll craft compelling and cohesive communications that spark conversation and convert customers.  

Social Media & Community Management

Need help managing your social media presence?  I work with brands on a retainer basis to create engaging content for all social media platforms, grow your fan base, interact with existing audiences and increase brand awareness.  Looking for a social media 101 class for you and your team? I can do that too.

Event Design & Production

Nothing will ever replace old fashioned in person experiences. Whether a client dinner, press event, trade tasting or cocktail party, I bring a sharp eye for detail and a strategic viewpoint to bear to ensure your event is not only attractive and enjoyable, but also effective for your business. I also bring special expertise to food, wine and cocktail offerings.


Technology: With extensive experience crafting communications for electronic trading platforms and algorithmic trading, I understand how to translate feature sets into user-oriented benefits and distill complex ideas into concise & compelling selling points.

Wine, Spirits & Cocktails: I have deep product knowledge of wine & spirits including domestic & international legal frameworks, farming and production practices.  I am also very familiar with cocktail culture.  This expertise allows me to quickly grasp the salient details of your product and effectively communicate them to your clientele.